UK Border Agency has rolled out new tier4 student system since 2009, we found a lot of institutions need UKBA sponsor list and their contact information. So we spent some time to collect all sponsors contact details for you directly. If you wish to contact Highly Trusted Sponsors (and legacy sponsors)A rating sponsors or B rating sponsors , you can now obtain them very easily in just 1 minute by following simple 2 steps, then you can download them immediately after you make the purchase. 

We hope we have saved your time and energy to find this information you need. Time = Money. 

Should you have any inquiries for other contact information collections, please feel free to contact us! We are here to help your life become easier, simpler and more successful! 

The data was collected from the sponsor list on UKTier4 website on 15 Feb 2012, some sponsors' status might have changed since then. 


1 All Sponsors Contacts (Highly Trusted, Legacy, A rating, B rating).xls             DOWNLOAD NOW

2 Highly Trusted Sponsors (and with Legacy Sponsors) contacts.xls                 DOWNLOAD NOW 

3 A Rating sponsors contacts.xls                                                                                  DOWNLOAD NOW 

4 B Rating sponsors contacts.xls                                                                                  DOWNLOAD NOW 


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